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geografia del vi

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the horizon of the pre-coastal mountain ranges, there is a plain with a very old wine-making vocation: Penedès. Land of vineyard hills, dominated by the imposing profiles of Montserrat. Land of farmhouses that dot the landscape of green leaves in white. A natural, agricultural, highly dynamic region that forms a corridor close to the city of Barcelona. A land of transition through which all cultures have passed. Centuries of knowledge and layers of traditions have taken root here, forming a vision and practice of vineyards and wine that are unique in the world.

At Julià & Navinés, from our sense of belonging to this territory, we see the Penedès as a landscape of vineyards and activity, an attractive and at the same time very stimulating balance.

At Julià & Navinés, from our feeling of belonging to this territory, we see Penedès as a landscape of vineyards and activity, an attractive and highly stimulating balance. The place of ancestors, rural and authentic. The place where our grandparents and parents built a culture of wine and cava full of modernity. And today, it is the place where we continue to preserve the harmony of nature and production, of vineyard and winery.

Our Penedès is, above all, a space of extraordinary virtues for growing vines. Soil, climate, history, continuity, technique: elements of a terroir that, together in balance, shape the origin of our wines and cavas.



The land and the people of Penedès are the origin of Catalan cava. A sparkling wine born from the vineyard, traditional wine and passion to push through boundaries. Since its first creation, 150 years ago, cava has been perfected, become more diverse and achieved success around the world. Its production is structured under the rigorous rules of the Cava Designation of Origin, which guarantee the sublime quality of a type of wine made for pleasure and celebration of the best moments.

Cava is the sum of two factors: our Penedès territory, with all its physical and cultural characteristics, and traditional production processes of great complexity and significance.

What is the land of cava like?

It is luminous and Mediterranean, structured in small valleys between calcareous hills, which descend in gentle declines. The atmosphere is clearly Mediterranean, with rainy autumns and springs, mild winters and warm and long summers that ensure balanced, healthy and complete ripening of the grapes.

As we approach it, our territory is a paradise of diversity. The orography creates varied orientations and, therefore, very different microclimates. All this wealth contributes to the personality of cava.

At the same time, cava is the result of a story made up of challenges and advances, techniques and imagination. Successive generations of winemakers have contributed to the fascinating development of this product. At Julià & Navinés we feel we are the protagonists of a culture of commitment to the environment and respect for the natural processes that make cava a dazzling sparkling wine.