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"The world changes, but there are things that never change: passion for the vineyard, or the emotion of sharing its fruit."

We make wine and cava to delight our customers, to generate experiences and moments of happiness and charm. We connect traditions and the vineyard with a bright, friendly, open spirit. That's how we understand elegance.

One day many years ago, just when the first motor vehicles arrived in our villages in Penedès, a family of farmers decided to start making wines. They had three resources, three treasures. First, exceptional vineyards in the heart of the region. Located on airy hills, facing the Mediterranean sun, well cultivated for generations. Second, a historic country house – Masia Navinès – which included some underground galleries perfect for ageing wine. And third, an invisible but key factor: a vision of growing an exceptional grape with the aim of obtaining extraordinary wines and cavas. At a time that was beginning to discover the pleasure of wine and the glory of great moments, this decision represented the start of a remarkable story.

Years passed and the family project grew. More vineyards, more production capacity and more knowledge to adapt to each new stage. Good times came, as well as difficult times of war and famine. The underground corridors, where the old barrels were preserved, were used as a refuge. But after challenges, times of optimism always return. The old Masia Navinès took a leap forward in 1986, when the family that owned it decided to make cavas with the same philosophy as always: the vineyard at the centre. Everything was ready to respond to a market that was beginning to look for unique elements: tradition, purity, pleasure.

This is how the Julià & Navinès brand was born. With the union of the family name and that of the venerable farmhouse surrounded by vineyards, a collection of Catalan wines and cavas was baptised, marked by classicism and the desire to respect its origins. From the beginning, the vocation of careful and sensitive winemaking was very clear. Advanced and with strong foundations. Aimed at celebrating the idiosyncrasies of our environment. A winery brand that spoke directly to customers around the world. Trust, authenticity and the search for happiness would become the ingredients of a value proposition based on the land and the vineyard.

Today, with Maria and Oriol Piñol, fourth generation, at the helm of Julià & Navinés, our winery is as committed as ever: to take care of the vineyards in the heart of Penedès and achieve a unique harmony. This is done through certified organic cultivation, careful grape selection and delicate and conscious production. The wines and cavas we make contain a profound energy: the personality of the vines of Mediterranean varieties, the essence of our land. At the same time, the passage of time and an open view of the world have allowed us to create our own authentic style. Calm and honest elegance. A distinction brimming with flavour, balance and generosity. Connected to our roots and fully participating in the search for pleasure that motivates the singular world of wine.