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The vineyard is nature, nature is life. A crop committed to preserving the environmental balance is a healthy and forward-looking crop. We are increasingly aware, as winegrowers, producers and also consumers, of our responsibility: to make cavas and wines that contribute to caring for the planet.

Our tools are environmentally friendly wine-making, sustainability at all stages of the production process, reducing the impact on the environment and commitment to the well-being of our people. Understanding our world, preserving harmony, connecting nature, health and pleasure.

We have the experience and the vision. We have the knowledge, acquired with years of respectful practice. We have the landscape: our venerable and ancient world of vineyards in Penedès, always fragile and always full of opportunities and horizons. We are responsible winegrowers and we are children of a land and a way of making cava and wine that values happiness and enjoyment. Our vision is to share and respect, to express and to live.